State of the Science Conference

June 17 – 18, 2019 | Machias, Maine

About State of the Science

State of the Science was a two-day conference that discussed ecosystem-based fisheries management in Eastern Maine, and brought together experts from local governments, fishing, science, and academic communities. The conference is the first step toward producing a comprehensive understanding of our current knowledge of Eastern Maine’s watersheds, intertidal, nearshore, and offshore ecosystems. Keynote speakers presented their work on each of the ecosystems below, including knowledge of governance and socio-economics. The conference used breakout discussions to identify gaps in knowledge and strategize next steps. 


As all rivers flow to the sea, upland watersheds provide a direct link to the productivity of marine species. Examples are anadromous species such as salmon and alewife. 


Between the reach of high tide and the retreat of low tide, the intertidal zone is home to a number of species that are adapted to varying conditions, including shellfish, rockweed, and marine worms. 


We’re defining nearshore out to 20 nautical miles. It includes the most accessible fishing grounds for coastal communities, including lobster, urchin, herring, scallops, and more.


We’re defining offshore as 20–40 nautical miles. Its fisheries include groundfish, lobster, scallops, and more. The overlap with the nearshore creates unique opportunities for collaboration.

Eastern Maine Coastal Current Collaborative

The conference was hosted by the Eastern Maine Coastal Current Collaborative (EM3C).
The EM3C partners are tasked with developing a scientific research framework that supports ecosystem-based fisheries management in the Eastern Maine Coastal Current and its associated watersheds.

Conference Objectives

(1) Help inventory and synthesize knowledge that can be used to understand changing social and ecological conditions in, and along, the Eastern Maine Coastal Current;


(2) Solicit input from the science community on key social and ecological indicators toward supporting a research framework for ecosystem-based fishery management; and


(3) Facilitate knowledge exchange and networking among regionally-engaged stakeholders.

Keynote Speakers

The State of the Science Conference is a gathering of fisheries professionals from around the Northeastern United States. Discussions will bring together knowledge from scientists, municipal leaders, fishermen, and industry experts. The unique mix of presenters will spark a richer dialogue and produce a deeper understanding of Eastern Maine’s fishery ecosystem. 

Jon Hare

Science & Research Director,
Northeast Fisheries Science Center

Paul Anderson

Executive Director,
Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries

Heather Leslie

Darling Marine Center at UMaine Orono

Joshua Stoll

Cooperative Research Scientist,
Maine Center for Coastal Fisheries & UMaine Orono

Patrick Keliher

Maine Department of Marine Resources

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